Compensator is also called expansion joint or expansion joint. It belongs to a compensation element. It is composed of bellows (an elastic element) and accessories such as end pipe, bracket, flange and conduit.

        1、 Classification of compensators

In the modern industry, it is widely used and the performance price ratio of materials can produce economic and practical materials.        
        c. Angular compensator includes hinge compensator, universal joint compensator, etc. Noise, etc.
        b. The transverse type compensator includes: large pull rod transverse compensator, universal joint transverse compensator, etc;
        a. Axial type compensators mainly include: internal pressure type, external pressure type, compound type, balance type, directly buried type compensator, etc;
        Compensators are divided into axial type, transverse type and angular type, with more than 20 varieties.

The compensators of Huawei water supply equipment Co., Ltd. include corrugated compensator, sleeve compensator, rotary compensator, spherical compensator and metal hose.
 Corrugated compensator  Sleeve compensator  Rotary compensator
Corrugated compensator Sleeve compensator Rotary compensator
 Spherical compensator  Metal hose  Metal hose
Spherical compensator Metal hose Metal hose

        2、 Action compensator

        1. Compensate axial, transverse and angular cold and hot deformation of absorption pipe.
        2. Expansion and contraction of bellows compensator, convenient for installation and disassembly of valve pipe.
        3. Absorb equipment vibration and reduce the impact of equipment vibration on pipeline.
        4. Absorb the deformation of pipeline caused by earthquake and ground subsidence.


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