High end PTFE flexible rubber joint is a PTFE coating commonly known as "plastic king" on the basis of general rubber joint or EPDM high wear-resistant rubber joint. It is white, waxy, high temperature and cold resistant. It can be used for a long time from - 180 to 260C. It can reasonably protect the rubber soft joint from the corrosion of strong alkali, strong acid, high temperature oil and other corrosive substances. The PTFE coating can effectively adhere to the inner wall of the pipe to prevent the brush receiving medium or the separation of the pipe due to tension and contraction. Rubber joint is a kind of pipe connector composed of ball and flange. The ball is mainly responsible for elastic expansion, while flange is responsible for tight connection with pipeline. The rubber joint installed on the pipeline can play a good function of vibration reduction, noise reduction and compression and tension resistance.

PTFE lined joint

        high-end Advantages of PTFE lined flexible rubber joint:

1. Reduction of fatigue coefficient: due to the inherent characteristics of natural elastomers and synthetic elastomers, they will not be subject to fatigue fracture or brittleness, and will not produce any electrolytic action due to the steel rubber interface of the joint and the supporting flange.

2. Strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance can be used in various industries: a variety of natural, synthetic and special purpose elastomers and woven fabrics are used. The solved and composed raw materials can take into account the general specific operating pressure / temperature operating standards, etching corrosion, damage and corrosion. For information on applicable media and applicable industries, please refer to technical specifications and applicable pipelines.

3. Minimum face-to-face dimension: the joint absorption of larger moving rubber expansion joint has the minimum face-to-face length, providing excellent movement ability in axial compression, axial extension and transverse deflection, as well as angle and torsion direction.

4. Vulcanized rubber: original ductility reduces spring stiffness. The inherent flexibility of the rubber expansion joint allows almost infinite deflection to recover from the applied motion, so a relatively small moving force is required to avoid damage to the power equipment.

5. No need to install gasket: vulcanized rubber flange and fabric combined with hose do not provide elastic expansion joint, so gasket is not required in most applications. Check the assembly instructions before installation.

6. Light weight: the net weight of vulcanized rubber swelling connector is relatively light, which is conducive to reducing the installation cost.

7. Reduce heat loss: rubber expansion joint reduces heat loss and provides long-term maintenance free service.

8. Design and parameters: advanced automatic forming machine, solid winding, high pressure resistance, test pressure up to 50kg, horizontal tension 3 times of manual forming.

9. Self developed formula: the gum does not contain recycled rubber, and uses natural and chloroprene rubber to achieve real high temperature and drug resistance, making the sphere sweating phenomenon zero and prolonging the service life for 5-10 years.

10. Super long life cycle: 3 years of super long quality assurance, safety, durability and maintenance free.
High end PTFE flexible rubber joint structure material:

No Part Material
one Flange Cast and forged carbon steel (Q235), stainless steel (201, 304, 316, 321), plastic (CPVC, PVDF, PPH, UPVC, RPP)
two Inner rubber NR, NBR, IIR, Cr, FKM, EPDM and PTFE
three Reinforcing ring Multi strand copper plating steel wire
four Body carcas Nylon cord fabric
five Interior material outer rubber NR, NBR, Cr, IIR, FKM and EPDM

         high-end PTFE lined flexible rubber joint Parameter specification:

Nominal diameter dn
Nominal Diameter
internal diameter
internal diameter
external diameter
Axial displacement
Axial displacement mm
Lateral displacement
Haorizontal isplacement mm
Deflection angle
Angular deflection(a1+a2)°


Extension Compression
forty one point five ninety-five fifty-seven sixty-five eighty-one four six ten nine 15°
fifty two one hundred and five sixty-eight seventy-seven ninety four point five seven ten ten 15°
sixty-five two point five one hundred and fifteen eighty-four ninety-five one hundred and eleven four point five seven thirteen eleven 15°
eighty three one hundred and thirty-five one hundred one hundred and thirteen one hundred and twenty-nine five eight fifteen twelve 15°
one hundred four one hundred and fifty one hundred and twenty-one one hundred and thirty-two one hundred and fifty-three six twelve twenty fourteen 15°
one hundred and twenty-five five one hundred and sixty-five one hundred and forty-eight one hundred and sixty-one one hundred and eighty-six six twelve nineteen thirteen 15°
one hundred and fifty six one hundred and eighty one hundred and seventy-five one hundred and eighty-five two hundred and fourteen seven twelve twenty fourteen 15°
two hundred eight one hundred and ninety two hundred and thirteen two hundred and forty-three two hundred and seventy seven sixteen twenty-five twenty-two 15°
two hundred and fifty ten two hundred and thirty two hundred and eighty-one two hundred and ninety-four three hundred and twenty-four nine point five sixteen twenty-five twenty-two 15°
three hundred twelve two hundred and forty-five three hundred and thirty-one three hundred and forty-eight three hundred and seventy-four nine point five sixteen twenty-five twenty-two 15°
three hundred and fifty fourteen two hundred and fifty-five three hundred and seventy-five three hundred and ninety-two four hundred and twenty-eight ten sixteen twenty-five twenty-two 15°
four hundred sixteen two hundred and fifty-five four hundred and twenty-eight four hundred and forty-five four hundred and eighty-five ten sixteen twenty-five twenty-two 15°
four hundred and fifty eighteen two hundred and fifty-five four hundred and seventy-eight four hundred and ninety-two five hundred and thirty-five twelve sixteen twenty-five twenty-two 15°
five hundred twenty two hundred and fifty-five five hundred and thirty five hundred and forty-six five hundred and eighty-six twelve sixteen twenty-five twenty-two 15°
six hundred twenty-four two hundred and sixty-five - - - - sixteen twenty-five twenty-two 15°
1. Special requirements can be made according to the user's drawings. The flange standard is GB / t9115.1-2000. Flange standard (GB, JB, Hg, CB, ANSI, DIN, BSEN, NF, en, JIS, ISO, etc.) can be selected.
2. If the products above DN200 are used for suspended water supply, the pipeline must be provided with fixed support or fixed bracket, otherwise the product shall be installed with anti pulling device.
3. The corresponding flange shall be valve flange or GB / t9115.1-2000 flange.
1. For OEM orders with special requirement, rubber joints can be made according to customers' drawings. Generally, flange standard is GB/T9115.1-2000, other GB, JB, HG, CB, ANSI, DIN, BSEN, NF, EN, JIS, ISO flanges are also available upon request.
2.When rubber joints size above DN200 are used for overhead water supply system, the pipes must be equipped with fixed supports or fixed brackets, otherwise control units shall be installed on rubber joints.
3.Matching flanges of rubber joints shall be valve flanges or GB/T9115.1(RF) flanges.


        The rubber raw materials and auxiliary materials of chhw Teflon lined flexible rubber joint are well-known brands at home and abroad. The sphere has no peculiar smell, and its aging resistance is 5 times that of engineering rubber joint ball. Advanced automatic forming machine forming, winding solid winding method, high pressure resistance, test pressure up to 50 kg, lateral tension resistance is 3 times of manual forming. The rubber joint takes advantage of the characteristics of rubber such as elasticity, weather resistance, high air tightness, chemical corrosion resistance and radiation resistance. After being compounded with polyester cord fabric with high strength and strong cold and thermal stability, the rubber joint is vulcanized by high-pressure and high-precision mould imported from Japan. The rubber surface is fine and smooth, and the quality is visible. Inner diameter standardization, for example: DN200 inner diameter is 200 mm, no fear of the other side to install large diameter companion flange. Chhw lined Teflon flexible rubber joint It can be used in chemical engineering, construction, water supply, drainage, oil, food, machinery, refrigeration, sanitation, water heating, fire protection, environmental protection, coastal, electric power and other basic projects, especially for the pipeline with large vibration and frequent cold and hot changes. Welcome to call 400-007-8988 or click directly irishcyclehire.com

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