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First, you can:

Understand the dimension table of rubber flexible joint? Specification of rubber flexible joint? Model of rubber flexible joint?

        Refer to Huawei brand rubber flexible joint product details page, the page is clean and tidy, and the data is detailed and accurate, including the category type of rubber flexible joint, from single ball double ball reducing screw thread elbow clamp flanging tetrafluoroethylene to [product specification]; [working pressure], [working temperature], [production cycle] [product life cycle] product overview, product characteristics, structure and material Technical conditions, specification parameters, applicable pipeline, production specification, user manual, service commitment. The product introduction, product features and advantages are described in detail.

 Specification parameters of rubber joint

The combination of structural drawing and data makes it easy to understand product information.

 Specification parameters of rubber joint

The technical conditions are described in detail with graphics, which makes it easier to select and match.

 Specification parameters of rubber joint

The table of specifications, models and sizes of flexible rubber joint can be operated, and the single model and single data are more convenient to search. The data is accurate.

 Adapt to the industry

The applicable pipeline has detailed description reference. If you need more, you can pay attention to chhw cooperation cases.

 Damping solutions

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You can also:

Open Taobao Mall and search Taobao Chhw Warwick shop

Choose the type of product you need to know

 Choose the type of product you need to know

For example, it is necessary to know the rubber joint of pn10-20592 standard flange connection

Select PN10 KXT acid and alkali resistant flexible rubber flexible joint shock absorber throat Chemical Engineering Department 20592 standard flange, you can check the model price

 20592 single ball price

Slide down to see product details

 20592 single ball price

Is it convenient? This is not enough, you can also directly through Wangwang click in the next customer service, customized drawings, special needs, adaptation consultation and so on. ——Collect it as soon as possible!

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