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This standard specifies the hygienic safety evaluation standards for drinking water transmission and distribution equipment (water transmission and distribution pipes, equipment, mechanical parts of water supply system) and protective materials. This standard is applicable to substances and products in direct contact with drinking water and drinking water treatment agents. These substances and products refer to the water transmission and distribution pipes, equipment and mechanical parts (such as valves, chlorination equipment, water treatment agent feeder, etc.) and protective materials (such as coating, lining, etc.) used in drinking water supply system.

Basic information

Standard number
GB/T 17219-1998
Date of issue
Implementation date
(for reference only)
Substitute standard

Chinese standard classification number
International standard classification number
060.20; 13.020 (for reference only)
Centralized management of Technology
Ministry of Health (for reference only)
Approval and release Department
Ministry of health of the people's Republic of China
Industry classification
(for reference only)
Standard category

Record information

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Standard status

Published on January 21, 1998 Implemented on October 1, 1998 abolish

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