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This standard specifies the analysis steps of acid-base titration method and pH potential method for determination of total acid in food. This standard is applicable to the determination of total acids in fruits and vegetables products, beverages, dairy products, beverage wine, bee products, starch products, cereal products and condiments. The acid-base titration method in this standard is not applicable to the test solution with color or opacity.
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Basic information

Standard number
GB/T 12456-2008
Date of issue
Implementation date
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Substitute standard

Chinese standard classification number
International standard classification number
67.050 (for reference only)
Centralized management of Technology
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Approval and release Department
Ministry of health of the people's Republic of China
Industry classification
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Standard category
Non compulsory

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Standard status

Published on June 25, 2008 Implemented on January 1, 2009 abolish

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