There is no doubt that noise is harmful to human body. People try every means to reduce and reduce noise in order to protect their physical and mental health. Studies have shown that: a completely silent environment will also cause damage to people's physical and mental health. Silent environment is also not conducive to physical and mental health, will cause people to fear uneasy, arrhythmia, loss of appetite, especially to the mental system, psychological production of inexplicable fear, emotional irritability, confusion and other symptoms, physical and mental health is seriously damaged.

In the face of noise, we still have many cognitive misunderstandings. For example, many people will judge the standard of noise, which is directly equivalent to the size of sound decibels. It seems that the higher the sound decibel is, the more serious the pollution is. However, it is not. Whether it constitutes noise is essentially not directly related to the decibel size of the sound. As long as it is a sound that you don't want to hear, it can actually be called noise.

On the other hand, the determination of noise pollution degree varies with the specific environment. Noise pollution is difficult to manage because of its particularity. Compared with air pollution, noise pollution is often instantaneous, even if it does not show obvious pollution mode, and is often ignored, only when a specific person is really in the harm of noise, often can personally realize its harm. Silent environment is also harmful to physical and mental health.

Noise is harmful to health. Therefore, people take various measures to reduce and eliminate noise in order to protect their health. But on the other hand, scientists have found that the environment without sound can also damage people's physical and mental health.

Human auditory organs have certain sensitivity and can capture many kinds of sounds. In the face of noise, the human ear has evolved into an early warning system to a large extent, which determines that noise must be irritant. That's why our subconscious response when it comes to noise is to isolate it and control it in a certain area.

An absolutely silent environment is not good for your health. Therefore, we should not only try to reduce the harm of noise to health, but also pay attention to create a harmonious and moderate healthy environment to make the human body truly healthy.



The installation of rubber joint (vibration absorber) can effectively reduce noise

        Rubber joint It can reduce the vibration of the pipeline system and reduce the vibration of the pipeline system.

The rubber joint is made of flexible rubber with good sealing performance, light weight, easy maintenance and long service life. However, it contacts sharp metal equipment to avoid penetrating the ball.

Noise mitigation should be considered in many ways, from large to machine mitigation, small to accessories. All in all, noise reduction components are beneficial to people. ——Huawei has studied rubber soft joint for 18 years, and has served well-known enterprises and water supply and drainage engineering at home and abroad.

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